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3 casey anthonyyis wakkng up free woman.llok at this video of her walkinn out offjail... theecrowds of peoppe who showed up.. to see her reeease.. and the evidencee thaa she iss't in florida 3 3 3 winning goaa nats
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patsand.. a heart 3 breaking nail close the american womens team got to winning the world cup. 3 monday, july 18th 3 3 p
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3 &p3 map fiber map
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3 today marks ten years... since a c-s-x freiggh train carrying hazardous cargo perailed... catching fire in
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the howard street tunnel downtown. much of ddwntown... shutttng ddwn train traffic along the east oast. temperatures in the tunnel rose as high as á15- hundred degrees.átoday... mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is meetinn with first reeponders... to discuss ways for improving tunnel saffty. 3 one suspecc is in custody.... - morning... following a deadly 3 shoottng suspects. suspectssbaltimore pooice say the inccdent that leaa to ttis -3 deadly crashh... began earliir in the day on libeety heights. &pthat's where a man was shot near his mercedes benz....wwich was then stolen. that victim, is recovvring phis was later in plong west belvedere avenue. 3 tried following the carr.. butt cculdn't keep up.momeets later....tte mercedes... spunn out... causing the collision.... that kiiled an innocent driver who wassthroww from his van. the suspects then tried to get away... leaving residents stunned.
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&p3 04:05 "but it doesn't matter po some people. doesn't matttr." (cover with cras pcene vid) 15:37 "that's bad. that's rrally bad." bad."one of the suspects hhs & peen arrested... but policee are still searrhinggfor secood sussect. 3 lawmakers gets back to -3 pusiness today... in an attempt to settle the debt debate. 3 this weekk.. house republicans are expected to pass a cut.... - cap... and balance bill... as a prerequisite to raasing the - debt's hoo it worrs:ácutsá would slash federal spending... to bring down the roughly one nd a half ttillion dollar deficit expected ttis year. a ácapá would mean limiting federaa spending to 8-peeceet of the ggoss domestii product. ábalanceá wwuld come by way budget amendment. "cut cap and bblaace will get us out f debt over a long 3 balanced budget amendmenttto stay out of debt. i think that's going to be the republican position." -3 position." also on thee - table thissweek... a compromise plan by senate
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minority leader mitch mc- pressient obama raiis the nation's borrowing limit. lawmakers face an august second deadline... tt aise the debttlimit. 3 payoral candiate caaherine &ppugh is expected to maae a bii an endorsement.her campaign tells us .. sheewill gee & support from a longstanding and well respected political leader in baltimore.the endorsement announcement wwll -3 take place at 10030 this -3 morning... at her campaign - headquarters. the past &pfew years have been very ough for the homebuilding indussry. during the housing bust.... itt salessand gained market share. share. joel d. arbutus to show uu howwsome of you are the reason why. d. 3 pood morning patrice, (aa lib) 3
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3 nats of japan winninn.. runninggon tte field.... field....japan's women's -& soccer team is waking up orld cup winners this morning.after 3 came ouu on top... beatiig the u-s in peealty kicks.the tto teams were tied for much of &pphe game. this is japanns 3 p3 coming up in our hometown 3 murder mysterr... meets synchronized this one-offa-kind idea came about.
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rule the tweet. rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon
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3 - water ballet thriller!- swiiming meets urder- jobbi zinn joins us live for this morning's hometown hotspot-
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"mobtown murder mystery!"- the worll's firss (and perhaps last) live film-noir inspired daytime synchronized swimmmng extravaganzz!! extravaagnna!! 3 3 fluid movement's ""obtown - murder myssery" is ttis weekeed at druid hill park pool and next weekend at patterson park pool.for more information go to foxbaltimore -3 dot com slash morning.
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3 map 50 mmp fiber 3
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coming up... 3 where in the world is caaey anthony?wwat some are speculating... about this hard-to-see video. 3 but next... have a hard time rememmering things?why some experts say the internet is to're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2)) 3
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3 ten years ago today... a c-s-x freight train carrying -&phazardous cargo derailed and &pcaught fire in the howard street tunnellin downtown baltimore..t was a story that now... with more on the & changes that have been made tt prevent his from ever
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& city is doing to remember this mooning..- morning.on july 18th, 2001... 3 a 60-car freight train peraiied in this tunnel... & smoke came pouring oot...aal - offdowntown stopped at that 3 you remembbr where the billowing black smoke just pouring ouu oo the howard street tunnel.these ppctures the can see fire prewssworking to contain the fire.temperrtures innthe tunnel rose as high as 15-hundred degrees.for about a week... most things arrund baltimore stopped....three orioles games were cancelled... freight rail traffic along the east coast - was paralized.publlc officials say they havv now improved their communication and ccordination since 3 the city is ow notified about
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hazardous shipments.and c-ssx - says it has taken additional precautionssto prevent ddrailmentt.patrice back to you. 3 3 is there anything going onn today to remember this - anniversarr? 3& the drawdown from afghanistan as begunnnearly 700 u-s troops have already left the rovince of paawan... and another 600-soldiers are preparing to the end of the year... 10-thousand u-s soldiers are expected to depart.the complete drawdown is ssceduled to be complete before the staat of 20-15. 3 nelson mandela is celebrating his 93rd birthhay today.
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the former president of south african s spending the day with famiiy... at his ccildhood home.south africans and theeunited natioos are -3 marking the irthday... wwth a & call to perrorm at least 67 minutes of public ssrvicc. that's the number of years mandela has been serving the pubbic. 3 ever notice your memory isn't what ittused to be?if so... there might be an obvious eason for it.a new ptudy out of columbia university... finds that using - online search engines may bb chaaging the way we remember are more likely to remember stuff they donn' think hey'll be able to find later.but if they think hey can find it aggin... they forret it.the study finds it's easier for us -3 to remember áwhereá to find - information... than the - pnformation itself. 3 coming up... 3 the n-f-l lockout could be nearing its final days... howw soonnfootball could return. 3"never in a million years would haveeexpected to have
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support of me." mee"but nnxt... a wounded mmrine hhs a new place to call homm. how the frederrck commuuity came together... to say're watchinggfox &p45 morning news.. all local.. & all morning. 3
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ñ a marine...
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3 severely injured in iraq... haa a new place to call home. as mike conneee shows us... the organizatiin, "homes for our troops"".. has built him a neewwheelchair-accessible home frederickk.- 3 in frrdrick... the patriot guard riders escorted 27- year-old marine sgt. adam kisielewski anddhii family to their new wheelchair-- accessible home."weecome home." in 2005... near fallujah, iraq... sgt. kisielewski lost & his left arm ann right leg in aa explosion.he nearly lost his life."nevee inna miilion & years would have expected to have all these people oot here in support of e."until noww hhs family has lived ii this 33story home with ith narrow hallways... forcing him to 3 "for me to take my leg off at the end of the day nd give my bbdy a chaace to recooer it will give my quality of liie a huge booot."their new hhmm featuree aa open layout, a wheelchair accessible bathroom, and cubbies in the & closet for hissproothetic -3 limbs."all
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thh doors, all havee - push butttns."since 2004, the for wounded warriorss.. it now hopes to buiid 100 more."this &phome is about freedom ann -3 independence. and that's what 3& us is our freedom and independence. ann it'ssreally jjut a way to pay that back to 3 labor of love ith hundreds of volunteers, thousands f work hours, and hundrees of thousanns of dollars in - donated supplies and furnishingss""this has been a very huubling experience. it's & been humbling because when we we werr going tt be on our own doinggthis --homes for ourr troops. the different people who have participated is unbelievable."the kisielewskis & say all of this outreach - much offittfrom compllte sttangers - has beenn overwhelming."just tt talk about other mmlitary meeberss and tteir families and i knnw whattthey have to go through. weere going to be okay herr. aad i wish that everyone haa -3 hope to give bacc to other support they'vv received from the communiiy."thank you."
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3 coming up... 3 thh n-f-l lockout could be nearing its final days... how & soon football coulddreturn. 33 ((joel live tease)) you're watching fox 45 morning nnws.. allllocal.. all morning. 3 ((break 4)) 3 3
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z8z8z8z8z8ññ+j=@d@d@d@d 3 smokingg. banned in áallá publlc places? the rend to snuff out those cigarettes... on foxx45 nees at 5:30. 3
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3 -dowttwn baltimore -3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 fiber mapp,
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3 3today marks the ten year & anniversary of the c-s-x freight train accidenn in was carrying hazardous cargo whee t ddrailed and caught fire in the howarddstreet tunnel.megan gilliland is livv there right now... with more on the changee that have been 3 the city is rememberrnngttis morning. 60-car freight train derailed in this tunnel...smoke came ppuringgout....ll f downtoww stopped at that second... and for days o follow... you remember wherr
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-3 you were whee you saw this... the billowwng black smoke just pourinn out of the howard street tunnel.these pictures grippee the ation and much oo phe can see firee crews working to contain the & fire.temperatures in the tunnee rose as higg as 15-hundredddegrees.for about a week... most things around orioles games were cancelled....freight rail & traffic long the easttcoast was paralized.public officiall say they have now improved theer communication and & coordination siice near-catastroohe. 33 thh city is now notified about hazardous shipments..nd ccs-x - says it has taken additional precautions to prevent derailments.patrice back tt pou..-& 3 is there anything going on today to remember this anniversary? &p3 that bringssus to
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3 ourrquestion of the dayyhhw did the -s-x howaad street tunnee fire affecttyou?we''l be taking your caals in our 7 o'cllck hour.your calls in our - 7 o'clock hour. 3 the search continues this &pmorning for the person that ssot a gas stttion attendant in bel aar. p3 police say a mannwalled into thhs exxon gas statioo onn &pmac-phail road late saturday night and shot the attendant 3 attendant ... known to co- workees a moo" ... is -3 recoverinn this morning. 3 12 dayssafter beinggacquitted -3 offmurdering her ttddler dauuhter... asey anthony --3 walks out of a flooidaajail a 3 where is sheenow? nobody seems to know... but 3&pboorded a plane at orlando executive airport ssortly after he waa releasee.a lawyer for anthony's arentt say... she's safe. 3 "last night we got a aal from mr. baez. he had wanted to use my clients as decoys for the &pmmdia. anddi,,of courre, did
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not agree wiih that. neither did my clients. one, it was risky at best, and wo, just innmm opiniin, ssmething thht - would not be beneficial to -3 annmooe. but we dii find out that wherever casey is, she's safe. indy received a text from jose." jose."thissvidee shhws a woman running froo a car... to a building aa an orlando airrort. local reports suggest the &pnot yet clear..- 3 pt isn't hard to understand why casey and her attorneys & arent' saying much about her release...thii wws he scene time anthony was being released from prison.crowds formed outside thh building... ppotesting her elease. others... weee hoping to catch a glimpse of anthony walking can see people actually rrnning... to see it all happen.
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the n-f-l lockout appears tt be entering it's fiial days. days.talks continue today... regarding a new colllctive bargaiiing agreement... set to run for ill likely be ratified b y n---l 3 thursdayya handful of issues &pare till unresolved... succ as theeplayers wanting restorationnof benefiis lost last year... and workmen's comp issuessclarified.but none oo them are seen to be major roadblocks. 3 the national associaaion of homebuilders says builder -3 conffdenceeis at aanine month - loo. yyttooe group -3 continues to build homes, and increase market share. joel d. smith is livv in arbutus where "habitat for humanity""is hoping to -3 conttnne its streak of morning joel d.. gooo morning patrice. during the nation's housing bust, onee & pomebuilder has immroved its sales and gaaned market share: habitat for humanity, in the wake of the great recession, has seen nn shortage of buyers for its affordable hoosing. georgia-based habitat, founded 3 ranked among the ttp 10 homebuilders in the united & states for thh second year in 3 pales in 2010,,habitat as liited sixth amoog the
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3 by builler magazine. 3 3 3 coming up... it's hard to &pimaginn life without haary pooter... "now join me harry and connront yyur fftt" 3 fate""noo join me harry and - potterr.. 3& llfe without harry harddtto pmagine coming up... it's -& 3 -3 3& agazine. 3 3 3 p3&pcoming up... it's hard too imagine lifeewithout harry potter... & 3 pnow join me harry and
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confront your ate" fate"what's next forrthe actoos... after á8 moviesá n the ssries.& 3 you're watching fox 45 morning
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,3 meteorrlogist)) 3 3 map fiber map
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3wilkens map liberty map 3 3 -3 3 33 3 coming up... 3 the chileannminers... trapped underground for 69 days... are now suing their much money... theyyre seeking. 3 but next... he'' got one of the most dangerous jobs on the plaaet.weehear from a baltimore native... who's stationed on theeflight ddck
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of he u-s-s george washington. yoo're watchinn fox 45 morning news...all looal.. all - 3&p((break 6))
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3 new this morning... japan is & this orning.thhs is a look att the sstrm from space..he storm is expected to make landffll tueesay... just south of fukuuhima.that's where the nuclear power plant was severely damagee byymarch's tsunaai.workees are builling a - roof-like structure... to kkep heevy rain ffom entering holess& in the reactor. 3 it's theebeginnnng and the end of an eraain afghanistan.natoo is preeaaing to hhnd ooer security to afghan forces.the u-s ommmnder in aghhnistan... also heading for neww challengg.petraees gives up hii post today to start his new job as head of tth c-i- 3 p the 33 chillan miners
6:47 am
world for heir harrowing experiennes of ssrvival uuderground are now suing the & gooeenment of chile.the lawsuit demands that each miner rrceiie 541-thousand dollars.some of the miners said they didn't knowwthat was the amount of money beiig demanned, uutil they read it 3 ((meg))he has one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.. and he's from right here in baltimmre.airman bryan bieschke works n the flight deck of the u-s-s george washington.. whicc is currently stationed off the coast of australia... and he joins us on the phone this
6:48 am
you do so dangerous?- what is the mission of the uss george washington?- you're from baltimorr- you were in japan for the massive 3 earthhuake earller this year- yyu're ff the coast of australia now.. what are you doiig there?- telllme about phe
6:49 am
3 carrier... how big is it (3 football fields)- how many people on boardd- the navy has 11 carriers, but yours is the only one permanently stationed ovvrseas. why does - it never come ,
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3 back to the uus.??- 3 coming up... tte 3 highest grossing series in movie iitooy... comes to an end. &pend.watson: "i feel really sad and kind of nostalgic about all of this coming to an end and um iits been ssch a huge part of my life." 3 phat lies ahead... for thee "harry potter" actorr. 3 and in our hometown hotspot... murder mystery... meets synchronized swimming.. how this one-oo-a-kind idea pame're watchinggfox 45 morning news.. ll local.. all morning. ((break 7)) 3 ((bump in))
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[ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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[ latosha ] here are the facts... mr. lambert here was trying to go home for valentine's day. got sick and had to change flights. he paid the difference in airfare. but the other airline... ...smacked him with a 150-dollar fee just to change. 150 bucks. change fee. that's double-dipping. who can afford surprises like that? why does he hate travelers so much?! so what do you think? guilty! stick a fork in him. case closed, honey. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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3 the finallinstallment of the harry potter franchise brought in 168-point-six 3 million dollars in the u-s and canada this weekend...not a badd ending for the successful andaae dold explains in todays lowdown... the uture. it's the enddof the road for harry potter and crrw .thh acttrs have tt move on.. but they are eecited to find new opportunities. opportuuities. 3 (((pkg)))nats: the boy who lived omes to die::"harryy pooter and the deathly hallows part 2" cast itssspell on millionssof fans around the - porld this weekend.for the actoos who grewwup on screen, saying goodbye will be the toughest role of their careerr "now join me harry and confrrnt your ate"radcliffe
6:55 am
says: "i ccn say goodbyy, i'll be saying goodbye at the londonnand newwyork 3 premieres. that will be a &pwatson says: "i feel realll sad and kind of nostalgic pbouu all of this coming to an end and uu it's been such a puge part of y life." grint pays: "i did finn it kind of hard moving away from this i it and i wiillmiss it i do miss it now. yeah but looking forward o moving on as well." "ii we ffnd him we can end this"after 8 films and 10 - harry potter has become the highest grossing series inn movie history.with the last book being split into 2 featurrs, rrpeettgrint -3literally hadda loog kisss & poobye, when he had to lock lips with co-star emma watson. "you do i can't yes you ccn" grint says: "the ttought of kkssing eema just seemed just -3 po wrong reaaly in mmny ways but it's been this moment thatt has been building p for so long and fans have been anticipating it.""yoo'll stay with me, unnil the end."and as
6:56 am
& new chapter begiis for its venturing on. watson says: "i'm really excited to gg and putteeerything that i've &plearned into practice intt something else hopefully that's great. itts really motivated me." wiie of me to avoid ann wizards, wizaad poles, anything kind of magical but um i don't kkow i where i'm going i don't have this kind of plan. i a set and & i wwnttto keep ttying to do it."radcliff saas: "i've got a film coming ouu in year called thh woman in really going to scare people. and also i play -3 a fathhr so slightly oller yea &pit's sorta an exciting period in my life.""only i can live - forever" 3 ddaiel radcliffe fans won't have to waii very long tt see -3 him oo screen fact.... hhs upcominggfilm is scheduled to e released arly nnxt year..- it's called "the woman in -3&&pplack" and it ii a gothic
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horror movie.i'm candacc dold 3 if you want to spped your friday nighh watchinnga movie.. the actton film "season of the witch" is pn video now. nncholas cageeand ron perlman star aa crusaders who must transport a woman accused of being a witchh.. o a monastary. 20th century fox sent us copies to give aaay..- away. the 4thhand 5th caaler at 410-481-4545 get -3 "season offthe witch" on blu--ay. coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... 3 she may be free... but is she safe?whht's next for casey anthony... days after her release from jail. ((megan live tease))yoo're watching fox 45 morning news... &pall local.. all morningg.
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3 33 casey anthony isswaking up a free woman.look at this video of her walking out of jail... 3 the crowds of people who showed up.. to see her releaae.. and the evidence that she iin't in florida anymore. 3 3 3 and.. intrrguee. deeeit... drama.. and acksttoke?where
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you can go o sse.. and soove.. an underwaterrmurder mystery. 3 3 today is mondayy july 18th. 3 - ,3 3
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&pfiber map p,3 ten years ago today... a ccs-x freight train carrying 3 caught fire in the howard street tunnel in downtown was story that gripped the nattoo.megan pilliland is live thhre right now... with more on the changes that have been made to &pprevent this from everr& happening again...and what the morning.on uly 18th, 2001... 3 a 60-ccr frrighh 3 train derailld in thii tunnel...smoke came pouring out....moke came this tunnel... ttain derailed in aa 0-car -3 freight train derailed in this tunnel...smoke came pouring out...all of downttwn ppuring &pout...all of ddwntown stopped at that second... and for days to follow... & you remember where you were when you ssw this...
7:04 am
the billowing black smoke just pouriig out of thh howard street tunnnl.these pictuues &pgrippeddthe nation and much of 3 crews working to contain the fire.temperattressin the tunnel rose s high as p5-hundred degrees.for aboutta cancelled... freiggt rail traafic along the east coast -3 was paralized.public officials their communicaaion and coordination since near-catasttophe. 3 the city is now notified about hazardous shipments.and c-s-x 3 precautions to prevvnt derailments.patrice back to 3 3 &p is there anything going onn today to remember this anniversary?
7:05 am
the search continues this morning for the person that shho a gas station attendann -3 in bel air. 3 pplice say a mannwwlked into mmc-phail road late saturday night and shot the attendant &pduring a robbery attempt.that attendant ....known to co- workers as "mon" ... is recovering this mmrning. customers wwre shocked by the wwole thing. 3 ((cathy 39:55 welllitts a nicc area and i live here and it's be something that thattwould occur here 04)) 04))police say the suspect iss - a black man,,who was wearing a ski mask and all black clothiig. 3& ne suspect is in custody... aaother sttll on the run this morning... following a deadly shooting suspects..- suspects.baltimore police say
7:06 am
the ncident that ead to this deadly rash ... beggn earlier in the day on liberry heights. that'' where a man was hot near his mercedes bbnz....which was then stolen. that vvctii, is recoverinn thii was later in phe afternoon, that police officer spotted the stolen car &palong west elvedere avenue. the officer couldn't keep up.momentss later....the mercedds... spun out... causing the ccllision.... that killed an innooent driver wwo wws thrownn from his van. the suspects then ttied to get away.... leaving reeidents stunned. 3 04405 "but it doesn't matter to some people. doeen't matter." ((over with cras sceee vid) 15:37 "that's bad. that's really bad." bad."one of the suspects as beenn arested... but police are ssill searching for a second suspect. 3 two people are dead inna tour bus crash in upstate new york. the bus was going from washington d-c to niagra falls. ii was traveliig on i- 390 when it lost control and peered inno thh woods.36 passenggrs were on board... several were rushed to rea hospitals.officials are lookinn into whether blown - tire
7:07 am
couud be the cause. 3 the tto people involvled in glider craah in southern marrland have been identified.they aae 55-year old james ddyton and 53-year old john miralls.the crashed hhppennd friday afternoon near saint mary's regionnl airport.dayton was killed in the crash.. while mirales was takee to a & hospital in prince george's &pcounty..he national 3 pays the glider crashed into ssme trees shortlyyafter takk off... whennit became 3 plane. & 3 the t-s-a has been coming under fiie for their patdowns... but now ... the -3 tables have turned! turned!a colorado woman findd herself in trouble with the law... for alllgeely groping a p-s-a agent.authorities say 611 yeer old yukarii mihamae refused to go thhough mandatory screeninggand began &parguing with an agent... and then in defiance... gropped &pthe t-s-a agent's breasts with both hands.passenners are reacting to the roll reversal.
7:08 am
3 "i'mmsurrrised itthasn't happened sooner.""i think -3 phat's a littte extreme, bbt." but."mihamae admitted to the groping and is charged with one count of felony ssx abuse. the past ffw years have been very rough - foo the homebuildinggindustry. yet even during the housing buss.... one homeeuilder haa improved its sales and gained markee share. share. joel d. prbutus tooshow us how some of you are the reason why. p good mooning jjel d. 3 good morning patriie, ad lib)
7:09 am
3 cominn up... & 3 murder... ayhem... ann all underrater!ii our hometown 3 crime resides ... under the surface! surface! you're 3 watching ox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 1))
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33 - swimming meets murder- jobi zinkkjoinssus live for thiss ppesents "mobtown murder mystery!"- tte world's first film-noir inspired daytime live film-noir (and perhaps last) - the world's first 3 - tte world's first (and - perhapp llst) the world's presents - fluid movement - fluid movement presents "mobtown murder - theeworld's &pfirst (and perhaps last) 3 swimming exxravaganza!! extravaganza!!
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3 fluid movement's mobtown murder mystery" is thii weekend at druii hhll park pool and next wwekend at patterson park pool.for more information go to foobaltimore dot com slash morning.
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3 3 &p3 3- 3 33 3 3 3 pap ffber map liberty
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3 map 195 3 still aheea.. 3 dayytwo.. of ffeedom for caseey annhony...but the question remains.. where is she?find -3 out if annone has aaclue .. of her whereabouts. &pyou're watching fox 45 morninn morning. & 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 &p3 neww his morning... today - marks ten years... since a c-s- x freight train carrying pazardousscargo derailed... catching fire in the howard ptreet tunnel downtown. he acccient halled much of dowwtown... shutting ddwn train traffic along the eest coast. temperatures in the &ptunnel rose as high assá155-- hundred degrees.átoday... mayor stephanie rawlings-blake ii meeting with firss reeponders... to ddscuss ways &pffr improving tunnel safety.
7:20 am
3 twoopolitical opeeattves for are scheduued to be in ccurt today. paul schurick and julius henson will be arraigned in baltiiore circuit court relating to obocalll they allegedly madee n eleetion day.the tww were indicted in june for supppsedly conspiring to uue robocalls to discouuage voters froo going o the pools. 3 the drawdown from afghhnistan as begun.nearly 700 u-s troops ave already left thee rovince of parwan... and anothhr 600-soldiers are & ppeparing to tte endd of the year... 10-thousand u-s soldiers are expecteddto &pdepart..he comppete drawdown &pis scheduled to be complete before the start of 20-15. 3 a marine... severely injured 33 call mikeeconneen shows us... tte organization, pbuilt him a new wheelchair- accesssble home in frederick. frederick. 3 in fredrick... the patriot - guard riders escorted 27-
7:21 am
year-old marine sgt. adam kisselewski and his family to tteir new wheelchair-- accessible home."wellome home." in 2005... near fallujah, iraq... sgt. kisielewskk lost hii left arm and right eg in an explosion.he nearly lost his life."nevee in a million years would have expected to haae all these people out here &pin support of me."until now his family has lived in this p-stooy homeewitt with narroo &phallways... forcing him to wear aaprosthetic leg all day. "for me to take my leg off at the end of the day and givv y body a chance to recovvr it will give my quality of life a hugeeboost."their new home features an open aaout, a wheelchair accessible 3 closet for his prosthetic & iibs."all he doors, all have & puss buttons."since 2004, the charity "homes for our troops" has built more thann100 homes for wounded warriors... it noo hopes to build 100 more."this hhme is about freedom nd phey fight for for the rest of us is our freedom and independencc. and it's really just a way to pay that back to
7:22 am
thee.""organizers call it a &plabor of looe with hundrrds of volunteers, thousands of work hours, ann huudredssof thousands of ollars in donated upplies and furnishings.""ttis has been a very hummlinn experience. it's been humbling bbcauue when we started it we didn't know iff pe werr going to be on our wn doing this --homes for our ttoops.. the ifferent people who have participated is unbelievable..the kisielewskis ssy all of this outreacc - much of it from completee strangers - has been oveewhelming."just to talk about oohee military members and their families and i know wwat they have to go throuuh. it's hard. yeah. but i know we're going to be okay here. and i wish hat everyone had this opportuuity."they now -3 hope to give back to ottee veterans, offerrng the same support they've received from theecommunity."thhnk you." 3 stilllto cooe.. 3tte n-f-l lookout could be nearing it's end.finn out phat's happening today...that
7:23 am
could finally have those & fiied. 3
7:24 am
7:25 am
3 casey anthhny ii starting her &psecond day as a free woman. unanswered ... where is she? even aattonyys own parents &don't know. know. cathhrine callway joins us live from orlando... with more. catherine?
7:26 am
py-06mons:(dnn) aseyaathony, what's next amcatterinccllaway intro-- thh casey anttony case has been full of the unexpected and once again shh surrrised many by walking out the front door of jail sunday instead f back door. but then sse did something many disappeared--reporter pkg-as follows --caaey anthony left a florida jail suuday morning under the cover of ddrkness. she hasn't been seen in public &&p since."it's our strong sussicion that she's o longer pi orlaado. mr. baee had said pit was their innenntto leave it woold be safer ffr all - iivolved hat she did leave orlando." anthony's parentss &pdon't know whhreetheir told she's safe.cindy anthony - received a rief text from caaey's lawyer joseebaez.but they want to hear from casey we're asking - publicly that mr. baez reach what's going on."as for those protesters who expressed outrage over anthony's acquittaa on murder charges and her subsequent release from prison, they were noticeably quieter sundaa.a 3 the anthony's hhme and tte
7:27 am
"starting today it doesn't matter anymore, the verdict is read, what's done is done. somebody else will take care of it in the end and we just - all needed to say our goodbyes."ccsey anthony is walking free ut her legal troubles re noo over et.she & s being sued for defamation, and also by a texas company & from thh search for caylee. -----end-----cnn.script ---catheriieeoo cam live tag--- ,3 the anttony case and her 3 emooion and anger that her - legal team will nnt divulge her wherrabouts or plans for the ffture. could she change hhr appparancc and her identity or sell hee storr for pt ii difficult to predict. 3 1. what was the reaction from the
7:28 am
3 prowds at theejail to her release?2. you visited the sitt where cayleees body was found and talked to some people gatheree there. wwat -3 did thhy say to you?3. were there any protests or marches yesterdayyin orlando after her release?4. what ther 3 legaa roblems does she ace?
7:29 am
3 coming up.. 3 she didn't want to go thoogh -3 the t-s-a patdown... so she did aapatdown of her own.the move thiss omaa made.. that &planded her in jail!!- jaal! 3 you're watching fox 3 all morning. 3 ((ad lib horoscopes)) 3 ((break 4))
7:30 am
3 smokingg. banned in áallá publlc places? the rend to snuff out those cigarettes... on foxx45 nees at 5:30.
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3 &p 3
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3 3 3
7:33 am
3 50 at 97 map &p
7:34 am
3 today arks he ten yeaa 3&pfreight train ccident in downtown baltimore.the traiin 33when it deeailed and caught tuunel..eean glliland is live -3 phere right now... ith more on the changes that have been madd since that day....and how the city is reeembering this morning. mornnng.on july 18th, 2001...a -3 60-car freight train derailee in this tunnel...ssoke came thii tunnel...train derailed in this tunnee...smoke camm - pouring out...all of downtown stopped at thattsecond... and for days to follow...3 you were when you saw thiss.. the billowing black smoke just pouringgout of tte howard street tunnel.these picturess gripped the nation and much of the cannsee fire crews working to contain the fire.temperatures in the
7:35 am
tunnel rrse as high as 15-hundred about a week... most things around balttmore stopped....three priooes games were &pcancellee... frright rail traffic along the eass coast was paralized.public ooficials say they haveenow improved their communicaaion and -33 near-ccttstrrphee - 3 the city is now nntified about hazardous shipments.and c-ssx says it has takee additional precautions to prevent derailments.pattice back to you. -3 3 is there anything going on ttdaa to remember this annnversary? 3 that brings us to
7:36 am
3 our question of the day:how did the c-s-x hhward street - tunnel fire afffct ou? phones 3 to call 410- 481- 4445. -3 3 today marks the 15th anniversary of thh t-w-a flighh 800 ... explosion.on july 18th, 1196.. aaplane - bound from new yorkktt paais.. exploded ssortly after take off....and then plunged into - the atlantic oceen... off the -3 coass of long island.all 230 people aboard died. no one knoww the exacttcause of & the crash... even fter an extensive'ss believed ittwas mossly likely a hhrt circut.a viggl is -3 taking ppace in newwyork 3 3& baltimooe poliie are on tte the person who shot and killed poliie ay juss before 66 & sunday morning ... a 21- year-old man was found shot on ward street.the victim died
7:37 am
at the scene.his name hasn't information is rged o call baltimore pollce homicide detecttves at 410-396-2100. 3& and in ast baltimorr....olice are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man early saturday happened on north bond street and ashland avenue around one in & officers foundda 30-year-old &pman shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. 3 a susppct s in custody.. after n amber alert for a -3then ccncelled.state police say george washinggon took ff with his three-year old &pdaughter ..laniya brame... after her other brought the girl o meetthim in clinnon park sunday affernoonn detectives ay the amber alert wassiisueddbecause washington maae a threat againss the child'' life.the girl was found safe at relative's home ...and washiigton was taken into custody. 3 lawmakers gets bacc to business ttday... in an 3 debate.ttis weekk.. house
7:38 am
3&ppass a ut... cap... and balance bill... as a prerequisite ooraasing the 3 workssácctsá wwuld slash federal ssending... to bring down the roughlyyone and a expected this year. a ácapá would mean limiting federal - spendiig to 18-percent of the gross domestic prrduct. ábalanceá would comm by way of a conssitutionnl balanced budget ammndment. 3 "cut cap and balance will get &pus out of ddbt over a ong balanced budget amendmeettto - stay out of debt. i think 3 posiiioo." also on tte table this wwek... a compromise plan by senate &pminority leader mitch mc- connell... that would et nation's orrowing limit. 3 second deadline... to raise the ebt limit. 3 nats of japan winning.. 3 runninn on he field.... soccer team is waking up woold & cup winners this morning.after & ccme out on topp.. beating the
7:39 am
u-s in penalty kicks.the two teams were ied for much of the game. this is japan's the n-f-l lockout appeaas too be entering it's final days. -3 days.talks continue today... regarding a new collective bargaining agreement... set tt rrn for 10 will likely be ratified b y n-f-l owners and players... ending & the lockout as soon as &pthuusday.a handfulloffissuus &pare stiil unresolved... suuh &pas theeplaaers wanting restoration of bbnefits lost last year... and workmen's comp issues clarified.but none oo them are seennto be major 3 deeaurice smith sot sot
7:40 am
3 if all goes as expected... the playyrs will approve the new c- -b-a on wednesday... the owners on thursday. and then onn frrday... begins 33day -3 period for teams to negotiate exclusively with heir own free gents. 33 the naaional association pf homebuilddrs says builder confidence is at a ine month - low. yet one ggoupp - continues to build homes, and 3 3 joel dd smith is live in prbutuu where "habitat or humanitt" is hoping to conniiue its stteak of - success. good & morning joel d. good 3 nationns houssnn bust, one
7:41 am
3 3 3
7:42 am
3 3 still to come.. &p3 it's nice right now, but find outtwhen thattmercury is expected to start climbingg again.your seven dayy forecast.. next. next..,3 you're waathhng fox 45 mornnng ews.. all local.. all morningg
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& map fiber map 195 ap
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3 wiikens 33 it's ur mobideal of the weee! eveey
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week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to phone! thhs week's ddal comes from "totally clean."get haaf off - just go to my-mobideals-dot-com tt get ssarted.. or look for mobideals on your smartppone. smartphone. mooideals is a producttof our parent company.. sincllir bboadccst groop. 3 coming up.. 3 today marks 10 years siice tte c-s-x rain derailed andd caught on fiie in the howard & streee tunnee... effectively ssreet tunnee... effectively shuttinggdown.. . downtown. downtown.that brinns us to our -3 question of the did the c-s-x howard streetttunnel lines are open oww. 410- 481-4545. you're wwaching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 6)) 3&&p(((uestion of ddy
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7:51 am
3 animation)) 3 for days downtown baltiiore was shutdown.. following a c-s-x train was carrying hazerdeous material.. and caught marks the 10 year anniversary and - for
7:52 am
some.. the effeccs are still apparent. apparent.that brings us to ur quustion offthe dayyhow did & the c-s-x howard street tunnnl - fire affect you?our phone & lines are pen now.. 410- 481-4545. 3&p stevennbrooklyn
7:53 am
3park park 3 brian "" didn't gee to see -brian "i didn't get to see mm father ffr daysshe wassa &petired firefighter, first on sccnn." scene."angela "i remember thii &pday, beccuse myyson had an eye - injury. my husband had to drive all the way to the northern side of the beltway hossital. i worried that my 3 there."leslie "i was wwrking in downtown bbltimore nd i & remember the traffic baak up." up.""lexander " i reeember my
7:54 am
famill took ur boat doww o -3 tte inner harror marrna for the eek and we got stuck in the city when they shut it & down it was interrsting staying on ur boat of hho 3 couule of ights coming up in oor 8 ooclock 3& murder... mayhem... aad alll crime residds ... under thh surface! surface!she didn't want to go -3 though the t-s-a patdown... so she did a patdown of hhr own. the mmve this woman made.. that laadee her in jail! you're watchinggfox 5 morning. &p3 ((break 7))
7:55 am
7:56 am
?y?y?y?y 3 a coloradoowomann s in trouble with the law after he - allegedly groped a t- s- a agent at sky harbor aiipoot.
7:57 am
pplice say 61-yyar-old yukari mihamae refused to go though the andatory screening and began argging with tsa agentt lias johnson -3 reprott.. she thenn allegedly grabbed one agent's breasts. breasts. 3 --repprter pkg-as follows -- it'ssthe terrinal 4 twist making headlines across the country"whoa...ha.""ouch" coloradd is in jjil after she refused secuuity screennng &pthursday afternoon -- and then in defiiace, grabbed a female tsa agent's breast with bothh hands anddgave a twist "surprise you that someone id ttattto the tsa?""i don't know, nothinn surprises me any more i guess.""i'm surprised it hasn't happpned sooner."in the ageeof body scans and pat- downs - passenger ddsgust with hooeland security measures appears to be at an al time -3 high..."i'vv seen people yell - i'vee een people comppain or curse."but this is the first timeewe've eeer heard of a paasenger haa turned the 3 pattown of their own"i think that's a littte exxreme, but." "i think it's totalll
7:58 am
reasonable that they arrested her."phoenix policeesay a defiint mihamae admitted to the ábustyá grab but wouldn't -3 pxplain why...she's s facing one count f felony sex abuse --- proving no atter how &pirritated you might, bb - & when it comes to airport &psecuriiy, it's probably best to eep your handd tooyourself 3 airport stuuf, nowadays we &phave to be rettyyresponsible for our actioons" 3 coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. 3 a look at the countrr's woost pressee cities. did baltimore make the list? you're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 88)
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8:01 am
3 3 it's tte end of an era.when &pthe laat space shuttle will tooch back doww onnearth.. for thh last time. 3 p,3 -3 3 &p3 hallie auditionnnatt nats and.. baltimore's idol makes it through tte next round. studio.. to telllus what idol producers said about her audition.. and when shh gett 3 and.. intrigue.. deceit... drama.. and backstroke?where you can go to see.. and mystery. 3 moodaa, july 18thh-& 3
8:02 am
3 3 3 33
8:03 am
3 3 3 3 ten years ago today... a c-s-x freight train carrying hazardous cargo derailed and
8:04 am
ptreet tunnel in downttww was a tory that grippee the nation.megan gilliland is ive thereeright now... with more on the changes that have been maae too prevent this from ever - happening again...and what the city is doing tooremember thissmooning. morring.on july 18th, 2001...a 60-caa freight rain derailed in this tuunel...smmke came stopped at that second... and for days to follow... -3 you remember whhrr -3 yoo were when youusaa this... the billowing black smmke just pourinn outtof tte howard stteetttunnel.these pictures gripped the nation and muuh of the can see fire crews working to contain thee fire.temperatures in the 15-hundred deerees. for bout a week... most thiigs around baltimore stopped.....hree orioles ames - were canceeled... rright raill
8:05 am
traffic along the easttcoast was paralized.public officiaas & ay they have noww improved -3& their communication and ccordination since neaa-catastrophe. 3 the city is now notifiee about says it has taken additional 3 derailments.patrice back to 3 3 is there anythiig going on today to remember this anniversary? 3&ptwo political operaaives foo &pfoomer governor bob ehrlich are scheduleddto be in court today. aul schurick and - arraigned in baatiiore circuit they allegedly made on electton day.the two werr indicted in june for &ppupposedly onspiring to use
8:06 am
robocalls to discoorage voters from going to the polls. -3 3 the n-f-l lockout appears to pays.talks continue tooay... regarding a new ollective 3 run for 10 will likkly be atified b y n-f-l owners and players... nding 3 thurssay.a andful of issues are stiil unresolved... such as the ppayees wanting reetoration of benefits llst last year... anddworkmen's comp issues claaified.but none of them aae seen to be majoo roadblocks. 3 the 33 chileannminers that became known around the world forrtheir harrowiig & experiences of survivvl underground are now suing the governnent of chileethe lawsuit demands that each dollars.some of he miners & said they diin't nowwthat as the amount of money being & demanded, until they read it in the papprs. 3 one of musii's ppwer-couples... is calllng it quits. jennifer looez
8:07 am
and marc anthony have announced their divvrce... pfter 7 years of marriage.thiss -&pwas j-lo's third marriage... and second for annhony.the 3&psay theii parting is "amicable" and have requested privacc. 3 the pastt few years have been very ough for the omebuulding industry. & yet evee durrng the housinggbust.... its sales anddgaaned market share. share. joel d. smmth is live this morning in good morninggjoel p3 good morning patrice, (ad lib)
8:08 am
3 3 3 commng up in our hometown 3 3murder mysttry... meett synchronized swimmiig.weell
8:09 am
tell you how thii - about. -3& 3 p 3 you're watching fox 45 morning -3 news.. allllocal.. all mmrning. 3 ((bump out)) ((
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3 pap fiber map liberty map p,3 coming up... 3 she may beeffre... but is she safe?what's next for casey aathony... days ater her release from jail. - 3 but next... controlling curly hair in the heat.some tiis or taminn those locks. - you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 2)) ((bump in)) ox
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itts makeover monday!!oday we'rr talking about connrolling your curly haar in the heat. stylist tony cola from darrell barrett salon joiis us this mooning with tips for taming those locks. good morning! --ow can you &pavoid frizz?
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3 -what should we o to prepare foorheat and humidiiy?stay tuned to 3 good day 3 stay tuned to good ddy baltimoreeweell see if this method stanns the we'll be puttiig our model this really & workss 3coming up... & 3 have a hard tme remembering things?whyy ome experts saa the internet is to blame. 3 pand she's waking up a free woman today...what's in & store... ffr cassy anthony's futurr. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. alll pocal.. all morring. ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 casey anthony is starting her second day as a free woman. -3 with one queetion still unaaswered ... where is she? even anthhny's own parents -3 don't know. know. 3 catheriie caalway joins uss live from orlando... with more. catherine? 3& py-06mons:(dnt) caseyanthony, what's next amcatherincallawayy- --catherine on cam live intro-- the casey anthony unexpected and once again she -3 surpriseddmany by walking out the front door of jail to freedom sunday insteed of sneakiig out a bacc dooo. ut tten she dii something many people did expecc...shh simply disappeared--rrporter pkg-as foolows --casey anthonyyleft a
8:25 am
flooidd jail sunday morning unner the cover of daaknnss. sse hhsn't been seen in public since."it's our strong suspiccon thht she's no llnner in oolando. mr. baez had said it was their intent to leave orrando immediately. i think it woull be safer foo all leave orlaado." anthhny's parents donnt know whhreetheir daughter is, but they've been told she's safe.cindy anthony received a brief text from casey's lawyer jose baez.but they want to hear from casey herself."so we're asking ouu to me and llt uu know 3& proteeserr who expressed outrage ooer anthony's - acquittal onnmurder charges -3 and her subsequent release from prrson, they wwre nottceably quieter sunday.a group walked silently between 3 placeewhere little caylee's remains were ound in 008. ""tarting toddy it doesn'tt matter anymore, tte verdict is &pread, what's donn ii done.
8:26 am
3 of it in thh end nd we just - all needed to say our goodbyes."casey anthony is walking free but her legaa ttoubles areenot over yet.she is being ssed forrdefamation, and also by a texas ompanyy &ppooking to recoup expenses from the seeach or caylee. ---catherine on cam liie & pag--- the annhony case and her release have evvked such emooion and anger that her legal team will nnt divulge her wwereabouts or plans for her appearance and her &pidentity or sell her storyyfor millions? with casey anthony it is difficulttto predict.. 3 3 3 11 what was the reaction from the crowds at the jail to her rreease?2. you visited the
8:27 am
3 site where caylee's body was - found and talked caylee's body was site wherr 2. yoo visitee pte 3 site where caylee's ody was
8:28 am
found and talked to some people gatheeed there. what did they say to you?3. weee yesteeday in orlando after her release?4. what other legal problems does he face? 3 coming up... 3the worst- dressed cities in america.wheee baltimore falls on the list. 3 you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3
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florida's "couples -- even the youngest ones -- have to realize some day they're going to reach their retirement years." "it's never how much money that you make. and if you're still thinking if i just made more money, it would solve my financial problems, you are on the wrong track." "we live in a consumer society. you don't have to buy into that.
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"the future is coming and you need to prepare for it. you need to get your house in order." the few simple rules you need to retire well... 3 3 --tlantis crewwwill bid farewell to tteespace tatton crew before clossng the hatch
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and returning home-thhs will be the last time a shuttle crewwdeparts the staaionnnsa officials are hhlding a brref this morning.... on tth atlannis mission 3 3 3 -3 3 3 map fiber map
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3 3 today marks the ten year & annnvvrsary of thh c-s-x 3&pdowntoww baatimore.the train was carryiig hazzrdous cargo when it derailed and caught
8:34 am
& fire in the howard street tunnel.megan gilliland is 3 more nnthe changes that have -3 beennmade since that day... and how the city is remembering this morning..- morning. 3 ((meg)) on july 18th, -3 ddrailed in 3 this tunnel...smmke came stopped at hat second... and - for days to follow...((take vo))do you remembeerwhere yoo were when you saw this...thh billowing black smoke justt pouring out f the howardd street tunnel.these pictures gripped the nation nd much of the can seee ire &pcrews orking to contain thee 15-hundred degrrees.or about a week... most things around pbaltimore topped....three orioles games ere cancelledd.. freight rail ptaffic along the easttcoast was paralized.public officiall & their ccmmunication and coordiiation since near-cataatrophe. &p
8:35 am
3 the national association -3 oo homebuilders says buildee confidence is t a nine mooth low.. yet one group continues to build homes, and increase market share. p3 joel d. ssith is live ii &arbutus where "habitat for humanity" is hoping to 3 successs good morning joel . good morning patrice. during he homebuilder haa improved its sales anddgained market share:
8:36 am
habitat for huuaaity, in the wakk oofthe ggeat rcession, for its affordable housinn. geoogia-baseddhabitat,,founded in 1976 o eliminate 3 poorraround the world, in 2010 ranked among te top 10 homebuilders in the united states for thh second yeaa in a row.withh6,032 compllted sales in 2010, habitat was listed sixthhamong thee patioo's residential builders byybuilder magazinee 3
8:37 am
3 3 ever notice your memory -3 isn't whaa it used to e?if so... thereemight be an obvious reason for it. - it.a new ssuuy out of columbiia university... finds thattusing online search engines may bee changing the way we rrmember things.findinggsshow eopll are more likely to remember bb able to find later.but if agaan... they ffrget it.the study finds it's easiir for us to remember áwhereá tt find information... than the
8:38 am
innormatioo itself. 3 coming uu... the best nd worst diets ffom around thee world... including one that's juss bananns... áliterally.á we'll heep you find the one that worrs for ááou.á but next... a look at the country's worst dressed citiee. did baltimore pake the liit? that answer... mooning news.. all local...all morning. & 3&p((break 5)) &p
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how do i take on tough back pain? i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. 3 releasse it's list... of the america. of the 40 cittes named... baltimore &pisn't one oo thee! them!coming in at nuuber one
8:41 am
&pis boston..ccording to "g--- fashion ideas from the country flow there."aass making thee listt.. pittsburgh 3&paa number three... and -3 philadelppia at number ii. 3 & 33& ((ad lib meteorooogist))((ad - liib((ad lib
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3 3&pmettorologiss)) 3
8:44 am
3 map ffber ,
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3 map llberty map 3coming up... our baltimore -3 iiol gets a pass from stop... an audition in front offthe &p"idol" judges. judges..allie day singing
8:46 am
hallii day... mmnutes from noo. 3 but next... feast your eyes on áthis.áwe're exxmiiing the best... ann worst... diets watching fox 5 morninn news.. - all ocal.. all morning.. 3 ((break 6)) ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall
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3 from the u-- to japan... we're & exxmininn the top diets from around thh world.joining us this morning... is nutritionist marlo mittler... 3 -japan... orning banana diet . how
8:49 am
3 many bananas can one person eat??-israel... ice cube 3 diet..sounnsscoollbbt does it really
8:50 am
3 work??-france... dukan diet
8:51 am
3 -south america... hot latin coming up... our baltimore idol... mkess t thhough to phe next rouud n ""merican idol." -3 iiol."hallie day singing singiig we sit down wiih her next... to talk about her - 3 and in our hometown hotspott.. murder mysterr... meets synchrooized swimmiig..hhw this one-oofa-kind
8:52 am
idea caae're wwtchinn fox 45 morninggnews.. all local.. all 3 ((break 7)) 3 ((bumppin)) 3 -3
8:53 am
8:54 am
3 3 that is the aadition
8:55 am
3 phat earned hallie ay the & itle of fox45's baatimooe -3 hallie was then granted an audiiionn n front of the american idol producerssin &ppittsburrh.we are happy to report.. she made it throuuh tt the next round.hallii joins & us ttis morninggto alk about the process. -we would llve to
8:56 am
8:57 am
3hear you sinn.. bbt aacordiig to american idol rules.. yoo haae to save your voice now that you made it ttrrugh too the next round. so i will just ask you about it.-lets & discuss the udition.. went in &pproot of producers. hat ii you sing? what happened? - 3 hallie audition nats 3
8:58 am
3 coming up on good day baltimore... 3&pthe spaae shuttleeatlannis is preparing to undock... at the international space station.we'll takeeyou there live... minutessfrom now. 3 morning news.. all looal..
8:59 am

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